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Re: downloading recursive dependancies

> Hello, here is my situation:
> I have a computer which is not connected to a network, which I want to
> install a package to.  This particular package, mondo, doesn't have
> many dependencies, so this issue is academic.  My objective is to
> install everything needed to get mondo up and running on this remote
> machine, which means making sure that all dependencies (and the deps
> of the deps...) are satisfied.  Is there an automated method for
> doing this?
> Any advice is appreciated.  Thanks


I haven't found a standard method for doing this, so I decided to use an empty 
package status file. This forces all packages to get downloaded because there 
are no installed. I do this in another directory, because I want not touch my 
normal installation.  My solution is the following:

Create new directories:
- /mydebs
- /mydebs/archivs
- /mydebs/archivs/partial
- /mydebs/lists

Create a empty file with "touch":
touch mydebs/status

Copy and modify my sources.list file to mydebs.

Now update my the list of available packages:

apt-get update -o=Dir::Cache::archives=/mydebs/archivs -o=Dir::State::status=/
mydebs/status -o=Dir::State=/mydebs/ -o=Dir::Etc::sourcelist=/mydebs/

To download the packages:

apt-get install -d -o=Dir::Cache::archives=/mydebs/archivs 
-o=Dir::State::status=/mydebs/status -o=Dir::State=/mydebs/ 
-o=Dir::Etc::sourcelist=/mydebs/sources.list <packages>

All other apt command can be used the same way (with the three -o options).

Hope this will help you,


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