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Re: Resource consumption.


Me again ..

I guess what I want to do is have this script execute webalizer
once at a time, waiting until webalizer is finshed before starting
Instead the script fires off many webalizers at once.
Sorry I guess my simple bash skills are not up to scratch.
I'll head over to tldp.org to see if I can't find the answer.

> # do webalizer
> for i in /var/log/apache/access_tmp/*-access_log; do
>     site=`echo $i | sed 's/\/var\/log\/apache\/access_tmp\///'`
>     site=`echo $site | sed 's/-access_log//'`
>     if [ -e /etc/webalizer/$site.webalizer.conf ];
>     then
>         webalizer -D /var/log/webazolver/dns_cache.db -c \
> /etc/webalizer/$site.webalizer.conf;
>     fi
> done


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