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Re: mrtg on STM-16 makes strange graphs

:-> "Novotny," == Novotny, Tomas <tnovotny@upc.sk> writes:

    > Hi
    > I had the same problem I solved when I used the snmp v2 counter

    > --snmp-options=:::::2 

    > this is also necessary if traffic is more than ~100Mbit/s

This is an entirely different problem. The 32 bit counters of snmp v1
are not enough and they roll over at 104 Mb/s more or less. 

The effect I was talking about is above 2 Gb/s, and using sid's mrtg
recompiled for woody neatly solves it (just be careful as some
cfgmaker options are different and also indexmaker is more picky about
what's in the config file). In fact, the data files were ok, just
rateup was not able to make the graph for it. 

Thanks to Eric for providing me the recompiled version.



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