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Default or wildcard virtual user with exim?

I have a simple virtual user mail setup using exim 3 on a Debian testing box. I have a director like so:

 driver = aliasfile
 domains = /etc/mail/virtuals
 file = /etc/mail/virtual-aliases
 search_type = lsearch

and this works fine for the named mappings in the virtual-aliases file.

However, I'm getting a lot of frozen messages that are aimed at other, non-existent addresses in the aliased domains. For example, "info@doofus.org". These are probably spam messages, but I'd like the domain owners to deal with them rather than me.

I'd like to be able to do something like:

# virtual				real
joe@doofus.com		joe@real_domain
sam@doofus.com		sam@some_other_real_domain
*@doofus.com		admin@yet_another_real_domain

I've tried this syntax and it doesn't work with the director defined above. Is there a way to implement this kind of mapping?



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