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Re: DYNDNS server software for local use

On Thu, Oct 16, 2003 at 06:41:03PM +0200, Gideon Oosthuysen (Isogo) wrote:
> I am looking for a local DYNDNS solution for my dialup clients. I
> would like to run My own DYNDNS server that updates the dns records so
> that the change is basically Instant for me. Does anyone know of any
> software like this out there?

There are some dynamic dns solutions out there as already mentioned in
this thread.  

You didn't state any protocol or operational needs for this, but it's
possible you meant a system like dyndns.org.  I've yet to find anyone
putting out an open source server that supports dyndns.org clients.

Though perhaps not as useful or important for dialup clients, in the dsl
world there are tons of dsl routers and dsl firewalls that support
dyndns.org... it would be nice to have a local server dyndns.org style.

Anyone heard of such a beast?  The specs for the client are public, so
coding a server shouldn't be hard thing... just haven't gotten around to
it yet.

Ted Deppner

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