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RE: IDE Raid Controller concerns

Check out http://www.akiwa.com/news.asp and their rack mount cases.  They
have some new ones that are quite nice and the price is pretty good for
what they include.  I would call them for up todate pricing, but when I
called it was very competitive.  (I think the 12 bay without power supply
was about $300 or $400, but that was a while ago.

The other place to check is www.rackmountpro.com.  Their new RM2008,
RM3012, and RM4016 are priced at ($789, $899, $1300 with power supply).

That's what I have found so far.  A tower will be a lot cheaper then rack
mount.  One thing to look at is if you really need the hot swap drive
caddies, if you don't it can save you a bundle of money just getting a
standard case with space for 12 drives.

Hope it helps

Chris G.

On Thu, 16 Oct 2003, David Lawn wrote:

> I'm looking to do something similar here but the major obstacle I've found
> so far is in finding a reasonably priced chassis that will hold 12 ide
> drives. I am on quite a strict budget but I'd prefer it to be rack mountable
> if I can get one cheap enough, otherwise a tower etc would do.
> Any suggestions?
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> Subject: IDE Raid Controller concerns
> I've got a couple questions related to IDE raid that if I could get some
> feed back on, I would really appreciate it.
> A little bit ago, we suffered from a single drive (in software raid 5)
> causing data corruption and poluting the array before being ejected.  This
> made almost all the data on the raid invalid and unusable.  We knew that
> this was probably going to happen sooner or later, but I started wondering
> about hardware based raid cards, and if they would handle this any better.
> I'm looking at a raid to have a 12x120 gig 7200 RPM ide drive setup.  11
> drives in the array, and the 12th drive as the spare.
> Controller wise we are looking at the 3Ware Escalade 7506-12 card, but I
> have never seen this card in action, and I have no idea how it might
> handle the above problem.
> If any of you have used this card, what have your thoughts been?  What
> problems did you run into?  Do you recommend a different card in the same
> price range ($400 to $600)?
> Thanks for any help you might be able to offer.
> Chris G.
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