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Re: a new network and a newbie admin

Il 10 Oct 2003 alle 8:43 Theodore J. Knab immise in rete
> >Hello, I have just been nominated in charge for the network inside the student block I live in.
> >My problem is the server that I will have to order, as the network is not made yet.

> >I want to give access only to PCs that are registered in a way.
> >How should I do that? DHCP + arp for IPs and permit only registered addresses
> (IP -MAC pair is registered) ?
The IP/MAC must be fixed .
Another way that i apply is simply to set a liust of user with password on
the router/gateway to assign a SNATTED address to each user.
Unauthenticated user would just stay inside, as soon you are
authenticaded you get a real address and so you can go äway"of
course you can select if you eant a plan or a firewalled connection.
This way one user that got a new computer or just change his NIC has
no to reregister, but just log via software.
> Maybe radius or you could setup 2 networks on your switch one none
> routable [firewalled net] one [routable net]. Some server in between
> would have to give permission and act as a gatekeeper.
the approach is OS independent.
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