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Re: Spoon feeding Exchange with Sendmail

Yreka - So I could use fetchmail to get the mail form the pop account then use sendmail to the exchange server - Can this be automated out of the box or will it invlove scripting and is it a piratical solution for auto relaying 50 mailboxes Or am I making this to complicated. Is there some sort of mail relaying tool for just moving lot of mail around?


Teun Vink wrote:

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Subject: Spoon feeding Exchange with Sendmail

Spoon feeding Exchange with Sendmail

Is it possible to somehow use my Debian Linux server as a tool to download pop mail from a remote server then forward it to my local mail server (Exchange), I was thinking Sendmail might be able to do something like this but I could not find any documentation.

Never used it, but fetchmail should be able to do this, I think.



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