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Re: two nic same server

I can't answer you question for sure, but have a vaguely similar
question about two network cards in the same server.

We have (2) nics in our main server. One faces our internal network runs
samba & the like, the other faces the outside world and runs apache and
the like.

The internal network has a separate NAT gateway on a completely different

To get this setup to work we needed a:

	route add default gw

...which is in /etc/init.d/rc.local

Putting the gateway in /etc/network/interfaces didn't work.

When we reboot, everything is fine. When people do a ifup eth1, things
don't work unless they also do a rc.local People have a habit of
forgetting the rc.local bit...

We could easily wrap ifup with something like:

# this ifup is in path before /sbin/ifup

route add default gw
/sbin/ifup $1

...but I am concerned that we will then forget this information.

1) In general does it make some to avoid hiding too config details?
2) Is there a better way to do this than in rc.local?

On Wed, 8 Oct 2003, Leonardo Boselli wrote:

> I have a server that has two network addresses.
> According the network of origin of the call could be accessible one or
> the other or both the address.
> How should i arrange in the DNS the two addresses so a client if does
> not found the first one, would try on the second ? (i do not need load
> balancing but just increase availability, 2nd channel is very slow ...)
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