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Re: AntiVirus + MAIL

jozeph@globalmedia.com.br wrote:

Hi everybody,

What is the best FREE antivirus solution for Linux and SMTP Scanning ?


amavis + clamav

Both are packaged nicely with Debian. About the only complaint I have with Amavis is that there are about 300 bastard children (amavis, amavisd, amavisd-new, amavis-ng, amavis-new, amavis-perl, probably amavisd-ng-bob for all I know) so it can get confusing to figure out what program you're dealing with.

The really nice thing is that Amavis is very flexible... looks like it will work with just about any MTA under the sun, can hook into any virus scanner, has SpamAssassin hooks (if you want to run SA from there, I don't), and lots of other bells and whistles.

Clamav is packaged with Debian, and includes a cron job to update the virus database. It seems to be catching the majority of the MS Worm crap, which is probably what you want an AV system for, anyhow.



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