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squirrelmail logo


I have the following:

http://mydomain shows a Squirrelmail logon box, but the Squirrelmail logo does not appear. If I go to http://mydomain/squirrelmail/images/sm_logo.png, the logo itself is visible. I can use http://mydomain/squirrelmail, but would prefer to use just http://mydomain/. In /etc/squirrelmail I have (where is my IP):
 DocumentRoot /usr/share/squirrelmail

If I use Squirrelmail's config.pl to set the logo to be http://mydomain/squirrelmail/images/sm_logo.png (or if I set it back to the default, or do anything else, I get the following :

*  Parse error*:  parse error in */etc/squirrelmail/config.php* on line *28*
(followed by some more messages)

*Line 28 of */etc/squirrelmail/config.php is:*
$domain                 = 'implode('', file('/etc/mailname'))';

My /etc/mailname is correct, and reflects the email domain that should be used (and I cannot see how it is involved in the logo anyway)

I have even tried an Apache RedirectMatch, and direct paths (from root), but nothing can convince Squirrelmail to display the logo, and config.pl  breaks the whole config without fail.  What can I try next?


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