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Re: Hot-backup a complete Debian install

On Wednesday, October 1, 2003, at 3:43 PM, Roman Medina wrote:

On Wed, 1 Oct 2003 11:42:25 -0000, you wrote:

which is the backup target media?

 Hard-disk. The idea is to have another logical partition for backups
and then some scripts to upload/download to any secure site (I could
use rsync over ssh or simply scp). But the uploading is a second step.
Now I'd like to deal with the first stage: the dump process.

 Another question: for restoring a backup, do I need to create (fdisk)
a destination partition with the exact same size of the original?
Could I use a greater one? (in this case, would I lose disk-space or
the filesystem is "expanded" accordingly?).
That is exactly the beauty of dump. I would have suggested dd for backup/restore but there you have the problem of identical fdisk settings. Dump/restore can deal well with bigger partitions.

Finally, the 3rd stage: if you're going to save the backup files in
an "non-trusty" machine, which kind of container / encryption software
would you use? This would need to be easily scriptable, for automatize
the backup task.

Hmm .. tricky .. anything that is run by a script .. has the problem that if the
script can be read .. anybody can do what the script does.

Another option to consider is that those dump files will be big (depending on your system) Running them through a gpg -e will a) make the machine slow and b) take a LONG time.

I'd be very interested on how to solve this one ..

- Cheers, Peter

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