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hardware encryption accelerators or any other way to have disk partitions encrypted on the fly


We have a need to keep content of disk partitions in encrypted form (so in
case of hard disk theft information won't be readable).

Of course we perfectly know about cryptoloop and loopAES and similar software-
only solutions for encryption of partition content on the fly. Unfortunately
they are inacceptable due to the very slow speed and due to the way linux kernel
caches block devices' content (linux kernel will cache *encrypted* blocks, so
all operations that involve reading from in-memory cache will involve 

So we are looking for a hardware-based encryption acceleration (OpenBSD 
supports some crypto accelerators for example), or fully harware-based
encryption (e.g. scsi controllers that encrypt all data transparently using
password entered into controller in some way - may be such things exist?).

Could anybody please recommend anything? With rough prices, impressions
on stability and speed and recommendations?

Thank you in advance!
 Best regards,

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