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Re: Auto reboot(2)

El vie, 22-08-2003 a las 09:41, Emmanuel Lacour escribió:
well :-) (sorry by my english)

three months ago I discovered a fail in our server , when i runned nmap
against it from another machine, the ibm server rebooted.

I wrote to several lists , but nobody could give me an answer. I call to
the IBM support , and they told me first that my software were not
supported (they support red hat 7.2 , and I use debian :-) )

Then I installed red hat 7.2 , open its xinetd and run nmap against the
server and the server rebooted . I called to IBM and they told me that
they recognized red hat but not recognized nmap :-) . They send me a
disk (disk doctor) my server passed all the test OK , and with that test
they said that the server is OK , my problem was a software problem.

The problem continued and several times the server rebooted every 30
minutes or less , I insisted with ibm and because a friend at ibm local
support belives me , they changed the mother board (they founded
capacitors in bad state).

This is my history with ibm server :-)

> On Fri, Aug 22, 2003 at 08:16:33AM -0300, danilo lujambio wrote:
> > El vie, 22-08-2003 a las 06:53, Emmanuel Lacour escribió:
> > 
> > is it a series 200 server ? I had a similar problem two months ago.
> > 
> Yep, it's a 200. I checked all fans, no problems, it's in a "cooled"
> room, so I think it's not a pbm with temperature. There were a pbm with
> the second disk (dead it seems) which was used to daily mirror with
> rsync, so not at the time the server had the problem.
> We stop it and change this disk, it seems to be ok know...
> So no exact explanation, let it running and monitor it...
> Thanks people for your help.
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