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Re: maildir + courrier + /var/mail

lo there,

here i use the "virtual_mailbox_base" option of postfix
to force mailbox location on delivery with virtual.

But remember that the first job of a courrier pop/imap
is to chdir in the home directory.
this homedir is mandatory !

Anyway thru courrier userdb you can set the mail ENV
to force the maildir in the proper location.

hope this help

Fabrice Lorrain (home) a écrit :

I'm migrating an HPUX sendmail/qpopper server to a debian postfix/courier one.

The config is the following :
- authentification through flat /etc/passwd file,
- postfix delivering mail in /var/mail in maildir format
- courier-pop/courier-imap to access the mail in daemon mode.

I wasn't able to configure courier-pop to read in /var/mail without changing the homedir in /etc/passwd (which is not an option here). Did anybody succeed with such a config (ie having courier-pop read mail in /var/mail) ?

What works but doesn't suit my needs :
- LDAP auth + some attribut pointing to /var/mail/$login
- from the "postfix+mysql+courrier howto" seems you can do it
- changing the homedir path in /etc/passwd
- using "regular" maildir in /home/$login

Any idees/suggestions ?


Hugues Obolonsky <h.obolonsky@celliance.com>
Directeur technique

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