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Re: Software for WLAN Hotspot

fredag 15. august 2003, 21:46, skrev Kay-Michael Voit:
> >>If we work with iptables, we have to authenticate the client in
> >> some way. Though I think it is possible to extend iptables, this
> >> would exceed my abilitys a lot.
> >
> >But maybe would be the cleanest / best solution :-) Okay then ...
> I fully agree, but as I said, it exeeds my skill, I think....
> >>So, I would use existing possibilitys, of which mac address
> >>filtering is the safest for my purpose.
> >>
> >>Now there are two possibilities:
> >>1. Writing a web-based interface, for example with PHP, to log in.
> >>Then a C/C++ based daemon adds some iptablesrules, which allow the
> >>client to go online. +: platform independent -: one has to enter
> >> his MAC address, for I don't know any possibility to determine
> >> ones ip through PHP (and I don't think this is possible?)
> >
> >It's possible to read his ip with PHP. It's in the enviroment-
> >variables when he executes your php-script to login in. But I don't
> >know of actually translating it to the mac for inserting into your
> >iptable-rules.
> Yes, I know, I'm just too stupid, reading my message again you will
> notice, that I wanted to write MAC adress.
> IP is |$_SERVER[REMOTE_ADDR] but I don't think this is usefull here.
> Any solution how to determine the MAC automatically?|
If you give out the IP address with dhcp, you could use the dhcpd.leases 
(or similar) files to map IP to MAC.


Cato Aune

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