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Automatic DNS for dynamic clients?

Hi folks!

Okay here's the setup I have..

Right now there's a server sitting in a data center in California, Mephitsune.. Mephitsune is running STABLE and using BIND9 for DNS and has a static IP.. I have massive amounts of capable bandwidth, but I have a peak I have to watch for or I'll get billed for going over my limits..

So my solution to hosting large files (such as my home made movies) is to get a cable modem here at home, have it connect to a second Debian machine (Horde) and host a private server that I can pass out the URL to friends with..

At current, Mephitsune manages DNS for *.dreamchaos.net, and I want to get horde.dreamchaos.net to point at Horde..

My question is, is there something I can setup between the two machines that will have Horde automatically report it's IP to Mephitsune on a schedule, then Mephitsune update the zone file and reload DNS?

Any suggestions on this would be greatly helpful.. Thanks!

- Aaron

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