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Re: Firewall on compac flash

Am 14:48 2003-05-23 +0200 hat debian-isp geschrieben:
>Hi ! 
>We are just considering if we should try to set up our firewall on a
Rackmountsystem with only 
>Compac flash card and onboard cpu. Which would reduce a least the
possibility of a harddisk crash, and would provide an easy possiblity to
swap cards when there is a problem. 
>The compac flash card (available also with 512MB is acting like a
>Any experience with that kind of hardware ? 


512 MByte ??? Why not using 1 Gbyte ;-))

I am running a Router/Firewall with a 16 MByte CF. 

Using a modified LRP <http://www.linuxrouter.org/> or better 
the leaf project. The Kernel and the Compressed Filesystem is 
on the CF-Card and will decompressed in a 10 MByte Ramdisk...

I am using 32 MByte of Memory...

If you like to hotswap th CF-Card you need the pcmcia-cs and 
a bigger Ramdisk, but I think, 16 MByte will enough.

Achja, the life of CF-Card is very short (it depends on the 
WRITES not reads), so A Ramdisk is your soulution. 

And If you like to save your Logs, Modify your Logcycle-script
which move the compressed Logs to the CF-Card. 

Schoene Gruesse aus Strasbourg

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