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Re: Bandwidth monitoring .. hints/tips & which tool?

> Both ntop <http://www.ntop.org/ntop.html>
> and iptraf <http://iptraf.seul.org/> should do this.
> iptraf is lighter on resources, and offer realtime monitoring,
> ntop is accessed trough an browser, and offers extensive graphs of
> traffic.
> It all depends on how low-end this box is.
> --
> Frode Haugsgjerd
> Norway

I know iptraf does this... but I don't think it offers much in the way of

ntop does produce many graphs and stuff, but I can see what he is looking

>From reading his post, I think he is hoping to have a list of IPs. Then he
can click on an IP, and it breaks down the bandwidth usage (maybe over
hour, day, week, etc. like MRTG does), and he can see maybe totals by
protocol (eg. 85% http, 10% smtp). ntop offers are more general picture I
think, but I could be wrong!

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