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Re: reinstall slapd

tps@unslept.com wrote:
> I've discovered a unique bug, I think. I ran dpkg-reconfigure debconf,
> and selected readline, instead of dialog, and now it's prompting for
> the admin password. Sheesh. All that time wasted...

Sorry -- the sad fact is that the version of whiptail in debian unstable
dropped support for prompting for passwords with no warning. Also, the
brain-dead return codes of whiptail do not let debconf tell the
difference between "return code 1 because user hit the cancel key" and
"return code 1 because this --passwordbox option has slipped my mind"
and "return code 1 because I don't know how to use your terminal".
There are plenty of bug reports filed on this already.

Anyway, the readline interface, with libterm-readline-gnu-perl
installed, happens to be the best interface to debconf for anyone who's
been using unix for more than 6 months. Enjoy it!

see shy jo

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