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Re: reinstall slapd

Hi tps                                           >@2003.05.14_18:50:00_+0200

i think installing openldap is a bit too complex to do well with debconf

have a look at the openldap guide,

slapcat / slapadd and a text editor to create an ldif file should do the job

man slapd.conf
--8<---------:- snip -:---------8<---------:- snip -:---------8<--
       rootdn <dn>
              Specify  the  distinguished  name  that  is  not  subject  to  access  control or
              administrative limit restrictions for operations on this database.  This  DN  may
              or may not be associated with an entry.  An empty root DN (the default) specifies
              no root access is to be granted.  It is  recommended  that  the  rootdn  only  be
              specified  when  needed  (such  as when initially populating a database).  If the
              rootdn is within a namingContext (suffix) of the database, a simple bind password
              may also be provided using the rootpw directive.

       rootpw <password>
              Specify  a  password  (or hash of the password) for the rootdn.  The password can
              only be set if the rootdn is within the namingContext (suffix) of  the  database.
              This  option  accepts  all RFC 2307 userPassword formats known to the server (see
              password-hash desription) as well as cleartext.  slappasswd(8)  may  be  used  to
              generate  a  hash  of  a  password.   Cleartext  and  {CRYPT}  passwords  are not
              recommended.  If empty (the default), authentication of the root DN is  by  other
              means (e.g. SASL).  Use of SASL is encouraged.
--8<---------:- snip -:---------8<---------:- snip -:---------8<--

> Guys-n-gals,
>   I'm trying to build up an LDAP server on a Debian box that had
> some base install of LDAP on it, someone mucked about, and then
> left the company that hired me. I'm trying to install the latest slapd
> on the box (running unstable). The package installs, and... nothing. I can't
> get in, since it NEVER PROMPTED FOR THE @#$*(&^*&^% ADMIN PASSWORD!
> I've blown away everything relating to slapd, and, still, somewhere,
> somehow, this thing is picking what seems to be a random admin password,
> which I don't know about. 
> It seems I'm clueless, and debconf has me beat. Can anyone, someone,
> give me a clue?


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