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Re: Which (simple) Wiki?

On Wednesday 14 May 2003 09:34 am, Bob van der Kamp wrote:
> At the moment I prefer phpwiki (http://phpwiki.sourceforge.net/).  Because
> of  the PHP/Mysql/Apache combination easy to install and maintain. Very
> simpel but powerfull set of "tags".
> I used Twiki (http://www.Twiki.org) )for some time and thats just a little
> bit over the top for me, and their download policy is a little bit annoying
> (is it a real GPL?). 

Yes, it is real GPL!  The registration policy for downloads has been discussed 
more than once (at twiki.org) and has not changed.  (There's even been some 
(probably tongue-in-cheek) discussion about a fork just to get around that 

There is a package being developed for TWiki in Debian -- don't know the 
status but it already exists.  (So, you don't have to register to get TWiki 
from Debian. ;-)

If you are looking for simpler wikis, I'd consider moin-moin (do a Google 
search) or the original wiki (at www.c2.org?).

Randy Kramer

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