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Re: Run process as daemon

++ 14/05/03 14:28 +0200 - Rcca:
>My problem is below:
>I have a service application, which is unable to run as daemon.
>If I run the application from the rc.d scripts the system hangs up because the process does not exit.
>If I put an "&" mark to the end of the line evereyting is the same.
>The service application hangs the system in from the rc.boot also.
>The quewstion is: Can I run this service without logging in to the box. How?

Hi, Robert.

The short answer is "yes". Just write your own startup script and use :

start-stop-daemon --start --background --quiet --exec my_process
start-stop-daemon --stop --quiet --exec my_process 

the --background should do the trick for processes that don't know how
to daemonize.

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