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Re: PPTP and Firewalls

On Sun, 2003-05-11 at 11:00, khaosse_angel@alpha.net.au wrote:
> >Does the PPTP server have a real IP address, or is there some sort of 
> >NAT/DNAT/SNAT being done by the firewall?
> >
> The PPTP server doesn't have a real IP, part of the problem for me is trying
> to get the DNAT/SNAT rules working properly. As I understand it, I need to DNAT
> all GRE traffic to the PPTP server and SNAT it back again, but I can't quite
> figure out the rules.

You do not have to SNAT it back. have you tried testing the PPTP server
from inside the network to make sure that there is no problem with the
PPTP server ?



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