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Re: Apache Dynamic Hosts Logs Stats

Hi there,

> <VirtualHost *>
>   DocumentRoot /var/www/website.com
>    ServerName www.website.com
>    CustomLog logs/www.website.com-access_log combined
>    ErrorLog logs/www.website.com-error_log
> </VirtualHost>

>This way I have a directory where my webalizer can process all log files.
>can also rotate logs of the whole directory with logrotate.

a better solution (IMO) is to add the virtualhost to the access_log /
error_log as the first
item of the line.
there is a script called split_logfiles (apache - source tree -> contrib)
which splits the
log into several logfiles for each vhost.

If I remember correctly apache had a performance problem when opening more
than 200
different logfiles or so.



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