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Re: Which webmail do you prefer? Why?

Jeremy Zawodny wrote:
> Why does the implementation language matter?  Do you care if your
> system binaries are written in C vs C++?

Not at all, unless the implementation language causes limitations.

I looked at SquirrelMail, but php4 is not supported with apache2. It
also looked painful to get the php stuff set up in the web server when I
was using plain apache. And IIRC it wanted to copy all the php stuff
into /etc or /var/www or somewhere, which does not seem like it would
make it easy to upgrade.

I have settled on sqwebmail, which is very easy to set up if you use
courier already. It has some nice features like user configurable filtering
via maildrop, and gpg support. It also does not require javascript or
anything of that ilk, and is a plain jane cgi program and not some nasty
thing embedded in the web server. I can't give any real testomony past
that as I am just in the process of rolling it out.

see shy jo

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