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TCP/IP DSL Configuration Problem

Dear ISP Group:

I am trying to configure my Debian machine to
communicate with my ISP via a Netopia DSL router
and a static IP address.  The relevant documentation
I have seen applies to Redhat systems which have
a much different configuration file structure.

Does anybody know of documentation or examples
that are Debian specific for this sort of
thing. The significant details are as follows.

My hardware components are a Debian LINUX machine
with OS release 2.2--potato, a Netopia R45413 DSL router,
and a functional Ethernet NIC card. The router does
not require PPPOE or any PPP at all on the machine
to which it is connected--just TCP and an Ethernet card.

I have a static IP address--a public one--but a
private IP address must be used to talk to
the router. (i.e. The private IP address is

Communicating with my ISP requires the following additional
address components.

 * IP Gateway Address--this is actually used to talk to
 the router.

 * DNS IP addresses--Primary and secondary,

Note: There is also a public gateway address but
it is not needed.

Some more information about what I am doing is as follows.


1) Run TCP applications--web browser etc.--between
my machine and the ISP. (i.e. Fundamental.)

2) Run a standard FTP server on my machine.
(i.e. I have my own domaine.)

Note: In these cases the Ethernet NIC is directly
connected to the router.


1) Run TCP applications with my local machines
via a HUB. Note that this works already. I would
like to simply be able move the Ethernet cable
from the router to the HUB without the necessity
of editing configuration files every time I do it.
(i.e. Very desirable.)

2) (i.e. Not Critical.) The ability to run applications
as in 1 above without the necessity to move
the Ethernet cable around. In other words, the
HUB is plugged into the router instead of
the router. However, only the machine with
the FTP server communicates with the outside
world via the router.

Best Regards,

Paul Romero

Paul Romero, Data Communications Engineer

RCOM Communications Software
8 Eastwood Court
Oakland, CA  94611

Phone/Fax: (510)339-2628
E-Mail: paulr@rcom-software.com

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