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Re: SquirrelMail, Postfix, Mailutils-imap4d, and permissions problems in Stable.

On Tue, May 06, 2003 at 01:20:46PM -0700, The voices made Splash Tekalal say:
> ERROR : Could not complete request.
> Query:COPY 1:1 "INBOX.Trash"
> Reason Given: [TRYCREATE] failed

This could well be a simple configuration option.

By default squirrel mail moves mail to the Trash folder rather than
deleting it outright, and it looks like your mail server is denying
permission to create such a folder (of course it could be that it just
can't write to it).

Go through squirrel's conf.pl and ensure that you have all the server
options set correctly (eg. root folder).

Also I think the move/delete thing is optional anyway, in which case
you can probably get away with just changing that.


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