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Re: Apache: one or more instances

El lun, 05 de 05 de 2003 a las 18:00, Eduard Ballester escribió:
> hi
> I have an Apache with several VirtualHost and now I have a doubt.
Apache is ready to scale in a multiple virtual host environments without
problems. Of course, if you can separate too apache's based on function
(ssl vs non-ssl), as the article pointed by Jeremy's post suggests, its
better to have two or more instances (or one for each port....take a
java application server in port 8081, an ssl server in 443, a soap
server in 8082, a normal https server in port 80)... its a more scalable
setup.... all of the apache's would have the same number of virtualhosts
(should all the vhosts need all the functionality).....

Ive seen apache's with 500, normal, mysql enabled, dynamic sites virtual
hosts.... no-problem.....no hay problema ke ...:=)

Course, this all depends on how well do you know apache and its
scalability model to make it scale. Meaning, it depends in how well can
you tune apache and how many vhosts we are talking about, what will they

> I don't know if is better run all vh in a single instance or use two or 
> more Apaches in different path. I use IP-based and Port-based vhost NO 
> Name-based (of course).
> Where I can find information or server benchmark for measuring the 
> performance of Apache (mutli-vhost)????
> Thanks

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