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Re: USB Modem

rikke1@skynet.be wrote on Fri, 02 May 2003 12:25:50 +0200:

> Hello,
> I'm kind of new in the debian distro and allready have trouble... 
I see ...
> I want to connect to the the internet true a ADSL connection in belgium, I use a USB modem for that connection now... I did find the driver that supports my modem under Debian 3.3 but I can't find a way to install it on my system
> I did try the following commands
> -------------------------------------------
> ****        rpm -t eciadsl-0.7-1.dev  but than I get the following error 
> ****        rpm is not fount as a command
> -------------------------------------------
rpm ist Redhat. apt-get ist debian.
> It seems that my pakket manager is lost... I was able to install SW a couple of days before, maybe I did something wrong...
> Is there maybe another pakket manager that I can use in my Debian 3.3
there is no Debian 3.3 AFAIK.

Mit freundlichen Gruessen / Best regards
Dominik Schulz

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