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AW: Exim 4 giving trouble compiling on woody HELP

Gregory Machin wrote:
> This is my make output .
> As far as i can the all the files that arequired on the 
> system are there.
> and the Makefile is set to point to the correct loactions.
> [...]
> gcc -o exim  acl.o child.o crypt16.o daemon.o dbfn.o debug.o deliver.o
> directory.o dns.o drtables.o enq.o exim.o expand.o filter.o globals.o
> header.o host.o ip.o log.o lss.o match.o moan.o os.o parse.o 
> queue.o rda.o
> readconf.o receive.o retry.o rewrite.o route.o search.o smtp_in.o
> smtp_out.o spool_in.o spool_out.o store.o string.o tls.o 
> tod.o transport.o
> tree.o verify.o local_scan.o  version.o \
>   pcre/libpcre.a \
>   routers/routers.a transports/transports.a lookups/lookups.a \
>   auths/auths.a \
>   -lresolv -lnsl -lcrypt    \
>    -ldb -L/usr/lib -lmysqlclient -lpq  -lssl -lcrypto/
> /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lpq

Your system is missing the package "postgresql-dev", I think. I'm not an
Exim guru, but as you're also linking against the mysql libraries maybe you
don't want postgres support and forgot to disable it somewhere?


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