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Quota Problemas seting it up

Hi, all
Well I got some trouble configuring quota under woody, the instalation went
fine showing no errors. but when i try to configure the quota for one user,
some things dont go the way they shuld.
I restarted the machine after the install and add the userquota in the
/etc/fstab . Then try to set the quota for one user using edquota "user"
there i make the changes for the user. When i save the file it goes to the
/tmp/ dir and later i could  c it as it correctly. But if i make quota
"user" the quota that apears is the original one I dont know if anyone had
the same problem, but i reinstall the quota and try all over again to the
same resulta. As far as now i red the quota-mini-howto and the
/usr/doc/quota and found no clue about the problem.

If anyone can give me a hand or point me to some docs i will be really


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