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Re: Cracking attempt

On Mon, 24 Feb 2003 07:38, Jason Lim wrote:
> Usually if we get such a report, we'll inform the client of their actions.
> Most times that discourages them from doing it.

In any case it's a service to your client - who is the one paying you.  It 
always amazes me that people on the net expect you to take their side against 
one of your clients for something innocent like a bit of portscanning!

> unless someone is REALLY repeatedly hammering a server. Then if no action
> is taken we may even block them at the router/switch level.

That's the only thing to do, if someone is excessively scanning you then you 
block their IP addresses for a while.  Of course you can't be too trigger 
happy with this or you'll end up with half the Internet in your firewall rule 

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