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OpenLDAP and SMP machines

Has anyone done any performance tests on OpenLDAP on SMP and/or 
hyper-threading machines?

I'm about to setup some OpenLDAP servers, they will have 2 * 1.8GHz P4 Xeon 
CPUs with hyper-threading (4 virtual CPUs) and 4G of RAM.

Between 3.5G of cache and a fast hardware RAID setup I expect that the CPU 
will be the bottleneck (current servers with 1G of RAM and much slower hard 
drives are CPU bottlenecked), so I want to take maximum advantage of all four 
virtual CPUs.

I plan to use IPVS for load balancing between servers for best performance and 
reliability.  So if I have to run two instances of OpenLDAP with the same 
data to get the best performance out of the two physical CPUs then that's not 
a problem, IPVS can deal with that just as well as it can deal with multiple 

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