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Re: cyrus-imap + postfix + procmail = trouble

Theodore -

Why go to Postfix?
1. It was recommended.
2. Didn't know what problems I would have merging cyrus-imap with exim.
3. I had an idiot proof article to help me. Turns out I was wrong about the idiot proof.

My problem was in procmail. I made a couple of errors in procmailrc. I have tested both internal and external email with success.


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On 2/18/2003 at 3:49 PM Theodore Knab wrote:

There are many very good howto on using the Cyrus, Postfix
setup. However, you seem to know Exim why go to Postfix ?

You can find the how-to link from the http://www.postfix.org.

> I've used exim at my site and several others without problem.
> I decided to build a new server and add imap and squirrelmail.

If you like Exim, maybe Exim with the maildir format and Courier IMAP would
take less time for you. I use Postfix, but Exim is also good, if you
understand it better. I setup Exim for a friend who wanted to use IMAP.
You only need to chage one or two lines in
the Exim Config file. Since I know Courier and Squirrelmail, I installed
them. It is very simple to setup Courier IMAP with Exim if you use it with a local
/etc/passwd and local /etc/shadow file.

Of course, this type of setup can be a little
dangerous if you don't follow the Debian Security howto.


If you do choose to do this make sure the clients are forced to use
encryption, otherwise you will have unwelcomed guests.

My friend did not follow the Debian howto, so you can only guess what
happened. ;-)


Gregory Wood
Farsight Voice Data Solutions
1219 West University Blvd.
Odessa TX 79764-7119

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