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RE: Autodetect squid proxy settings

You need at least two things:

1. a proxy configuration script that tells your browser which proxy to use
2. a way to download that script.

The most reliable way is to set up a webserver with the domain name
wpad.<your-domain.com> serving up this file as wpad.dat (so that becomes
http://wpad.your-domain.com/wpad.dat). The other option is sending the
location of your configuration script via DHCP; you need option 252 for

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From: Craig [mailto:craigsc@zdata.co.za]
Sent: donderdag 13 februari 2003 11:02
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Subject: Autodetect squid proxy settings


Wondering if anyone could help me, Im trying to have IE5 autodetect
proxy settings for my network without having to go to each
workstation. We have dhcp running.


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