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Re: Multiple servers for 1 domain name?

On Monday, February 10, 2003, at 11:43 AM, Jan Vitek wrote:

I'm currently implementing this setup for our web hosting company, and
so far it's working great.  NFS/MySQL on a big RAID-5 (3Ware) file
server, with dedicated 100baseT lines to multiple app servers, which
are all behind a Foundry ServerIronXL.  Works like a champ.  Even
better if you have your applications using some sort of directory
structure for authentication, like LDAP or MySQL, (such as vpopmail,
proftpd, apache auth, etc.) If I need additional throughput, then I'll
probably upgrade to Gigabit ethernet between the app servers and the
file server, and add more app servers. Also, eventually I'll be adding
a redundant file server that mirrors the main one..


I'm just planning the same thing, but I'm not sure about reliability of NFS... What about using something like AFS or Coda? These fs supports ACL, file
caching, and also file replication.

I researched these a little bit before deciding on NFS. Coda didn't have a production/stable version out when I researched, so that ended that relationship for me.

AFS seemed like it was better suited for disconnected networks, such as laptops that can come on and offline, and can sync their files up when they're online. Although it would probably work in this situation, I didn't trust it enough to run it in such a mission-critical portion of my network.

NFS, while being older, having issues with locking, etc., still seemed to me the best choice, just because of its longevity. I can work around the locking issues(use LDAP directories for distributed info, Maildir for mailboxes, etc.)

Now if MySQL would only offer multiple-master replication, we'll be set- :)


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