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Re: phpWebSite

On Fri, 7 Feb 2003, Gene Grimm wrote:

> Has anyone used the phpWebSite package for client personal web page
> development?

Yes.  (On more than one site.)

> If so, what is your opinion on its effectiveness and
> friendliness?

It has given me less problems than any other phpnuke-style CMS.
It has also shown itself to be more secure than the general run.
Users love it -- they don't have to become specialists in HTML markup to edit
their site.  The downside is that online editing knocks hell out of your
bandwidth limitations, if that's in any way important to you.
And it's a lot more user-friendly than ezPublish.

Two points to note:

 - everything lies in the theme you choose.  Some are slow; some are fast --
it's worth while spending a great deal of time getting your default theme
*exactly* right.  Even if you have to write your own from scratch.
(OK -- if the punters want to choose another, so be it.)

 - I use a bunch of plug-in modules -- always.  The calendar is *brilliant*.
(depends on what you're using the site for, I suppose.)  It really is
worthwhile hunting around for suitable modules to add to the site.  Or write
your own for specific tasks.

I only have one major, MAJOR bitch -- which is not specific to phpWebSite,
btw -- and that is the propensity of the software developers To Capitalise
Every Bloody Word In Their On-Screen Instructions To Users To The Point Where
You Want To Scream And Throw Up.
(Where do they get this obnoxious and very, very un-English habit from, I
wonder?  It actually *detracts* from the software's usefulness.)

It seems to me to be a sickening perversion derived from sometime programmers'
spelling conventions in the naming of variables; and should be rooted out,
destroyed and banished forever whenever and wherever encountered.
It means I have to spend a great deal of my time re-writing language files, or
re-editing reams of code to annihilate what is neither cool nor
acceptable, but simply a revolting mutilation of the English language in its
written form.

No apologies for rant -- someone has to stop the rot before the whole world
starts to think that in written English, every word is capitalised.

Other than that -- yeah, phpWebSite is worth giving a whirl.

Try it.
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