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Re: NetXtreme experiences..

On Wed, 5 Feb 2003 11:27, A.Bory G2MS wrote:
> > Tigon3 driver in 2.4.20 kernel source and the patch driver working fine.
> >
> > I recommend using 2.4.20 as the driver is built in (but be aware of the
> issues
> > if you have more than 1G of RAM).
> I've just install a 2.4.20 vhith tygon3, what do you mean with those
> issues?

kswapd using large amounts of CPU time under heavy IO load is one problem 
that's been tracked down (the fix is in the aa1 kernel SUSE is using).  I 
have another problem with machines going really slow for no apparent reason 
that I still haven't fully tracked down.

For smaller machines it runs fine.

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