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Re: Denial of Service via UCE

On Thu, Jan 30, 2003 at 02:52:18PM +1300, Pulu 'Anau wrote:
> I take care of an email system for a high school in the Kingdom of tonga. 
> They're on a 32K link.  Recently, some unknown purveyor of evil (Spam
> Company) has decided to start sending large amounts of spam about various
> penny stocks.  The distribution is huge because I've gotten some of these
> and I don't get that much spam.
> Unfortunately, they decided to set their MAIL FROM to be an account that
> doesn't and never has existed at the school.  This has caused mail servers
> from all over the world to send back failure notices to this account,
> effectively shutting down internet access at the school.
> The school asked me what they could do about it, and my answer for them is
> "pretty much nothing".

   It sounds like you've done everything you could. I had this happen to
me. Basically, it stops after a few days unless they use your address
again. At that point you can get them shut down (for those who are
groaning... i've done it). But real spammers just go on and use the next
random person on the 'net.

   I wouldn't spend any money on Postini. You've done all of the right
things. And of course, all of your systems and all the systems you know
are not relaying spam! :)

   Good luck.

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