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Postfix : Rejecting message with more than X number of recipients


I would like to know if someone managed to get Postfix reject messages
which contains more than X number of recipients (X being any previously
specified number using some parameter in Postfix's main.cf file).

I was reading about the topic and already experimented with
default_destination_recipient_limit and smtp_destination_recipient_limit
parameters but it seems these ones aren't what I really need.

default_destination_recipient_limit actually will broke the recipient
list into smaller lists and send multiple copies of the message, but not
reject it.

The documentation for smtp_destination_recipient_limit doesn't help too
much. Anyway, I tried it and it didn't do what I need.

Does someone knows if it's possible to do this using Postfix or should I
use a separated script/software/package/whatever ?


André Luís Lopes

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