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Re: hard- or software-raid?

On Fre, 2003-01-24 at 00:16, Tinus Nijmeijers wrote:
> I'm building a server that needs about 200G of harddisk space and the
> data has to be safe. If I need to replace a faulty hd and get downtime
> that's fine. Speed is not an issue.

Agree with Russel and thing: what's raid6?

If speed is not an issue, software raid5 should be enough. I'd recommend
having a 'cold spare' (not plugged in disk) lying around to minimize the
time you're running on k-1 disks. If downtime is not an issue, I'd not
recommend having a hot spare - the mechanics on a hot spares get older
(spindle motor and bearings) too, so chances are you lose the spare soon
after it goes live...

You realize that most cases of data loss are not disk failures, but user
errors? RAID doesn't help you there, but (off-line) backup does. So, be
sure to back up your data - you'll probably need the backup more
frequently than you'll need to replace disks. 

For low-budget, I think it's much more important to have a good back up
strategy than to have RAID - with daily backup, you lose at most 24h
data, but with a RAID and no backup, you still lose everything if
somebody hits the wrong button.

-- vbi

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