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Re: Network Diagrams

* wtucker@donobi.com (Wayne Tucker) [2003.01.21 20:01]:
> Does anybody have any recommendations for a good network diagraming
> program?  I'm starting to get used to Dia, but I'm just wondering if
> there are any others out there that I haven't come across.

AFAIK, the only other Visio-style program is Kivio.  But the stensils
cost money -- I've personally used it because of that.

As for network mapping tools, Scotty/tkined looks pretty cool, but I've
yet to test it out.

If you work in a Micros~1 shot, I've heard that Visio 2000 will work
with the crossover wine package.

I've wished for years now that someone would pick up Dia and start
working on fixing it up.  :-(

Let me know if you find anything else.  I've been looking for a Visio
replacement for years.
Cameron Moore
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