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Re: best NIC Speed + Gbit Q


> > but i now change some Servers from SuSE to debian
> > and now is the best time to get them a good nic.

What about a Gigabit NIC ?

I am setting up a new RAID file server that will see
some traffic. My spec is to us a Gigabit NIC on a
standard (32 bit) PCI card.
I will be talking to 100Mbit clients.
(so will not use special Gbit tricks i.e. jumbo-frame)

I do think there is no server performance penalty
when using a 1Gig NIC, possibly benefits.

The server would probably be literally interrupt
driven under heavy load, what with the RAID and
fast the NIC. But that would only apply when
it is going well beond the limitations of a
100 Mbit card.

I know it will not deliver 10 times 100Mbits
because of overhead and interrupt load but I
would like to see it max at more than 300Mbit.

Some CPU offloading to the NIC would be cool.
Who much extra memory would help performance?

As the price is comming down I hope to move to
installing only 1Gig NICs on all new system.

Comments, links ??

Re. 100MBit cards.

Most of my servers are NOT using much transfer bandwith
(behind a 10Mbit connection to the net).

I use 100Mbit full-duplex on all new systems,

Most important for me is time to get things working
and stability, I like:
Driver on the Linux install disk
Autoprobe with no parameters to the module
Duplex Auto_Negotiation that works :-)

(If a card (type that I know) does not work when I
install a new system I throw in the bin (trash)).

The cards I like and have worked well for me are:
3C905, sold second hand for almost nothing
Realtek RTL-8139, have had no problems with them
INTEL Ether Pro 100, not many but work ok

> >normally i use the 8139 becaue the work everywhere.
I am happy to report success when having to clamp
to 10Mbit full-duplex using this card.
(using: options 8139too media=0x0018 )


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