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Re: How to avoid the screen timeout when no activity

On Sat, 11 Jan 2003, Michelle Konzack wrote:

> > setterm -blank 0
> This works only, if you have minimal one login after reboot... 
> Is there a possibility to get it without login ??? 

I understand what you mean. setterm outputs an escape code like:


only when the TERM is "con" or "linux".

The parameter 9 is for "set blanking interval".

This escape sequence is used by setterm_command() in the Linux kernel's
linux/drivers/char/console.c which does a poke_blanked_console().

I wonder if there is a tool to directly call those kernel functions?

  Jeremy C. Reed
echo 'G014AE824B0-07CC?/JJFFFI?D64CB>D=3C427=>;>6HI2><J' |
tr /-_ :\ Sc-y./ | sed swxw`uname`w

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