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Re: best NIC Speed

Yes intel nic are the best for 10/100 based lan.

Some of the Pro100+ Card also have the problem - if the network equipment (switch) is powered off and on the card is light-up on half-duplex.
Some old intel nic-s have transeever bug but in new in 2.4 kernels this is fixed on software level.

for 3com nic's i have good word's too.
there is 3com 10/100 For Complete PC Managment nic that is designed for performance, hi network load and low cpu ussage.

If you by 3com card look their revision, do not take cards with "B" rev. they are old and have some low performace tips.


> Hi
> for an high performace server i need to know what nic (in your opinion) is a nic with an good trough put.
> right now i use 
> 3com (not cheap)
> or 
> realtek (cheap)
> but normally cheap doenst mean to be slow.
> I use woody with the 2.4.18-686 kernel
> everything you know is welcome
> marco

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