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SCSI, libc6 installation problem, & database mail users

Hi, all
	Well got a some problems installing debian in a IBM xServer 220, it
has two 36Gb. scsi discs. I'm performing the instalation from diskette
evrithing works fine till I have to get the base system, so far I try to
install it from CD and from Internet but when I get to de libc6 the
installer ses that the file is corrupted and can't get it right. So the
instalation abort and drops to the intall menu from there I could retry but
I recive the same message wether I do it from network or from CD. The other
problem hapens when I try to make the sistem bootable, the lilo sime to
complay for the bios, saying that is old and I need to make a small partitio
for the boot dir, does any body has some expirience with this servers,
should I look for a new bios???
	The last cuestion has a diferent aim, I'm intrested in making more
secure one server, and one of the things we came up with was to make all the
users not system user, to configure the sistem to handle them in a database
I here that could be done simply and that it is prety safe. any clue from
where to start.

	Thank's, and happy 2003 

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