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Re: Help with Apache::Admin::Config Requested

"Gene Grimm" <elessar@noi.net> writes:

> I resolved the configuration file update problem by going back to
> specifying the file name. I had tried using "new
> Apache::Admin::Config \*HANDLE" (with version 0.55-1) so I could
> 'flock' the file to prevent possible conflicts <snip>

You really should upgrade, the last version is 0.90 and it fix many

Also, keep in mind that reading configuration on a Filehandle doesn't
seek it to the beginning after the read. You should have to empty the
FH before calling save() or you should close the FH and save into
another one... This behavior may change in future.

See you

 O  l  i  v  i  e  r    P  o  i  t  r  e  y

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