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Re: Moving old inbox to new address

formail -f -s sendmail user@address < user-mailbox

Brad Lay (brad@coombabah.net)

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On Fri, 27 Dec 2002, Dustin Douglas wrote:

> I've got a user who has an inbox on a server that I run
> (qpopper/sendmail/mbox if that makes a diff) They've not
> been actively checking their email and now want the address that I
> control to be forwarded to a different email server that I don't run,
> and they want all their email waiting in their inbox on my server to be
> sent to their new address on someone else's server.
> An obvious solution would be to just make them pop their mail from
> my server once and be done with it. However,  I'd prefer doing
> everything myself on the server side. They would no doubt call me
> several times in the course of getting their client set up to pop their
> old messages, and I'd prefer to just cut around that whole mess.
> An ideal solution would be a script I could run against their existing
> inbox on my server that would send each of their waiting messages to
> their new address.
> Anyone have any pointers? Any tips that work (procmail recipe, netcat
> script, ect.) would be most welcome.

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