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Re: <img src="http://ippath/photo.jpg"> not work,

I'm really not sure on that, I generally use iptables, independent of a
specific firewall package. If you are using an iptables one, try:

iptables -L -nv

This will give a dump of all the loaded rules, if that doesn't work,
well I'm not 100% up on ipchains.. 

Remember to CC your replies to the debian-isp list, the list is more
helpful than I could be.

Good luck with it.

On Mon, Dec 23, 2002 at 12:53:07AM -0700, eric lin wrote:
> my knowledge to fire wall is not much especially in debian, my webserver 
> most is default.
> my knowkege of fire wall or ipchain is from redhat, but that is long 
> time ago.(although I still have redhat7.2 book now)
> if you do not mind, would you give me some command so I and see or test 
> what firewall config now I have?
> highly apprecaite
> -- 
> Sincere Eric
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